Our Mission

Our mission is to make multiplayer VR available to everyone. Creating full body vr applications have a few hurdles that require smart solutions. Developing these solutions is difficult and often time consuming. The VRee Platform provides content developers with a solid software foundation.

VRee B.V. was founded in 2016 and is located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Since then it has grown and entered industries such as Training, Education, Defense, Engineering and Entertainment providing technology-based solutions and products using Virtual Reality. VRee has developed a platform independent full body multiplayer VR platform. The VRee Platform makes it easy to build interactive multiplayer VR applications such as but not limited to: Virtual Training, Serious Gaming, Digital Prototyping, and Location-based XR Entertainment.

VRee support a strong base of customers and partners both local and international including, Deutsche Telekom 5G Hubraum incubator program, Dutch Armed Forces, Ditts, Pillow’s Willow’s Exodus Burned, XSens, Manus, Tesla Suit, Sensglove and more...

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VRee was founded in 2016 by Menno Bischops and Roy Noten started collaborating As students on various VR projects. Among these projects they developed VR Archery, winner of the 2014 Dutch game awards winning Archery VR as best student project.


Menno Bischops

Co-Founder & CTO
VRee Roy

Roy Noten

Co-Founder & Lead-Developer