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Key Features

The VRee SDK consists of building blocks that can be used, customized, rebuild and interchanged.

Low Latency

The networking algorithms are designed with XR in mind and focus on interaction between users.


Our SDK is not dependent on specific hardware suppliers, you choose the hardware.

No line of sight needed

Our SDK is compatible with technologies that eliminate the need for line of sight.

Easy and fast integration

Reliable software codebase which can be easily integrated into new and existing 3D content.

5G Ready

Our SDK is currently being tested with the 5G network, which will be avaiable soon.


Connect and interact with every XR-setup or other devices to the virtual environment.

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Made with the VRee SDK

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Laser Bots

ENTERTAINMENT - Laserbots is a showcase game developed by the VRee team to explore the limits of the multiplayer VR experience. This game contains multiplayer full body vr, live stream clients, and audience participation via phone and tablet.

demo helpato landing

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